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How We Work

1. List Your Books

List the books you want to rent, sell, give away or just share 

2. Receive Requests and  Respond

Receive requests from readers who need your books 

3. Connect and Earn  

Share, earn some cash and clean your bookshelves!

1. List The Books

List the books you want to read

2. Discover readers

with your interests and desired books nearby 

3. Get books

Contact the owner, get the book and read

About Us


Laaddu is a lending library in your living room!

"I needed medical textbooks (MKSAP) that cost over $1,000 and was able to access them quickly and for free - from my neighbor in my own building!"

- Sandeep Pavan,   Apr 09 2019

"I Marie Condo’d my bookshelf yesterday. Gave away half my books to readers who wanted to read it—it made me so happy!!"

- Ani Smith,   Apr 09 2019

"I just found out a stranger in Starbucks had read the exact same books that I had. What on earth are the chances? Thanks, Laaddu!"

- Shen Ron,   Apr 09 2019

"Yayyyyy! I achieved my goal to read 30 mins every day this week"

- Jiya Ram,   Apr 30 2020

"Now I can read the NYTimes best sellers without being on hold for months in the library."

- Razzie,   Apr 30 2020

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